Logistics Overview#

Some of you will participate in person in Seattle or Dunsbrough and others will participate virtually from time zones all over the world. Each of these gathering styles has strengths and weaknesses. We are committed to providing an engaging and full experience for everyone and will strive to facilitate cross communication and collaboration across all participants.


OceanHackWeek 2023 will take place:

  • August 7-11 for the virtual event and the in-person event in Seattle, US

  • August 8-12 for the in-person event in Western Australia

In-person participants will be engaged in OceanHackWeek throughout the day. The virtual event will take place in a 3-hour daily block of formal, live activities, 09:00am - 12:00pm PDT / 16:00 - 19:00 UTC.

Detailed schedules are available on the Schedule page.

Channel of communication: Slack#

We will use the OceanHackWeek Slack workspace as the main channel of communication before, during, and after the hackweek. You should have received an invitation to join this workspace. If you haven’t seen it in your inbox, check your spam folder, or email us at info@oceanhackweek.org.

Go directly from a channel or direct message chat into a voice or video chat, with screen-sharing capability. This will be particularly useful during hack project time.

OHW JupyterHub (“The Hub”) and GitHub#

Tutorials broadcasting#

We will use Zoom to broadcast all tutorials. The Zoom link will be distributed via Slack.

Hack projects#

See the Hacking at OHW23 page for more information.

Getting Help#

See the Getting Help page for guidance and links to have your questions answered or connect with organizers with concerns.