OceanHackWeek (OHW)#

OceanHackWeek 2023 will be on August 7 - 11!

Applications for OceanHackWeek 2023 are now open!
OceanHackWeek 2023 will be a hybrid workshop with a global virtual event; a 20-25 in-person event at the University of Washington in Seattle, WA, USA; and a small in-person event in Australia (likely Dunsborough).

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OceanHackWeek en Español / in Spanish, Feb 27 - Mar 3, 2023!

We had a great Spanish OceanHackWeek event, with participants from all over Latin America and Spain! We’ll say more about it on this web site later on. You can check out the event website (in Spanish) at https://intercoonecta.github.io

About OceanHackWeek#

OHW21 in person and on Zoom

OceanHackWeek (OHW) is a 5-day collaborative learning experience aimed at exploring, creating and promoting effective computation and analysis workflows for large and complex oceanographic data. It includes tutorials, data exploration, software development, collaborative projects and community networking. Its objectives are to:

  • Promote data and software proficiency in ocean scientists: Provide participants with computational and data science skills that can advance oceanography research, which often requires the integration and manipulation of diverse sources of data and models.

  • Facilitate inclusive community building: Connect oceanographers across disciplines and career stages and cultivate an open science and a sharing culture.

Participant Quotes

My experience at the Oceanhackweek 2019 was in a few words a once in a lifetime learning experience. The people involved were amazing, from the organization group to all the participants. The project group I joined was extremely democratic and involved. I learned not only from more advanced researchers but also telling what I knew to my group partners. I definitely recommend this event for everyone that is eager to learn.

—Ágata Piffer Braga, 2019

It is sometimes hard to predict whether a given conference, training or hack-a-thon might be worth your time. […] The real challenge, of course, is to find a group of like minded people that want to expand their horizons and learn together, and that is just what I found when I attended Ocean Hackweek.

—Christian Saranson, 2018

Our Sponsors#

Thanks to our sponsors that have made OceanHackWeek possible over the last several years.

UW eScience
Bigelow Lab