US Northwest#

We will have two sub-programs in the US Northwest satellite, including a regular 5-day OHW satellite and a 3-week undergraduate summer program.

These two sub-programs are coordinated in their planning and overlap in time. Participants are encouraged to interact fully across the groups and with other satellites.


Our regular schedule will be 9am - 5pm PDT each day.

For full details of tutorials and events, see the global schedule.


All activities will be in Ocean Sciences Building (OSB)!/ocn on the University of Washington Seattle campus.

  • OSB 425 will be main location for tutorials and large group discussions

  • Other OSB locations can be leveraged for breakout discussions


In-person. We have space reserved to watch OHW tutorials together and work on projects. We also plan to have social gatherings outside of the formal meeting space to explore and enjoy the region together. Remote option is possible if impacted by COVID-19 (see below) or other unpredictable events.

COVID-19 precautions#

We strongly recommend all participants to wear a medical grade mask (N95, KN95, etc.) during OHW. Everyone has different health considerations and risk tolerance, and we would like to lower the risk of COVID-19 infections for everyone.

If you have close contacts with people who have tested positive or been in crowded confined space for a prolonged period, please consider taking a test before joining OHW in person.

We plan to have remote connection via Zoom during the entire Northwest satellite event. If you test positive less than 5 days before OHW starts (i.e., on or after August 10), please stay home/in the hotel and let the organizers know. We will help ensure smooth connections for tutorials and facilitation of other activities.

Regular OHW satellite (August 15-19, 2022)#

We will have a diverse group of researchers at this satellite!

With the detailed schedule shown above, during this week we will:

  1. Watch all global virtual event tutorials together

  2. Enjoy our satellite-specific tutorials and discussions as a group

  3. Work asynchronously on projects with participants of other OHW events (either the global virtual event or other satellites)

  4. Find opportunties to connect with participants from the global virtual event and other satellites to broaden our OHW experience.


  • Most days: meal card $25/day, can use at any UW locations

  • Wednesday: we’ll have a discussion over pizza session

  • Help yourself for snacks and making coffee

  • Lunch will typically be 1100-1200 or 1200-1300 each day

Preparations 1: Git basics#

For project work during OHW we will rely heavily on basic git operations, so come prepared!

Preparations 2: Lightning talks#

To help everyone get to know each other better, we will do a 2-min lightning talk on Monday morning to kick off our satellite.

  • Max 2 minutes, so that we have time for everyone. We’ll set a timer! :)

  • Suggested format (3 slides):

    • #1: Who am I?

    • #2: One of my projects or project ideas that may be of interest to others at OHW22

    • #3: What I want to get out of OHW22

  • Please upload your slides here – we’ve added the email we received from your registration to this folder. If you want another email to have access, slack message @nw_organizers in the #ohw22_northwest channel.


For questions specific to the regular OHW satellite, please ask in our Github Discussions. Please tag the organizers with @oceanhackweek/ohw22-organizers-northwest and add a OHW22 - Northwest label so that others can find answers. Additionally you can email Dr. Wu-Jung Lee (

Undergraduate summer program (August 8-26, 2022)#

This “Data Science in Oceanography” undergraduate program will be held in person at the University of Washington, Seattle campus and will provide opportunities for undergraduate students in data-driven research in oceanography. Participating students will interact closely with faculty and graduate student mentors to develop and advance individual research projects. Students will fully participate in the OHW Northwest satellite event as part of this longer undergraduate program.

This in-person program does not sponsor Visas and is intended for students who already reside in the US.

See details in the program flyer


We are able to provide undergraduate participants full support for lodging and meals, as well as partial travel reimbursement. Funding request is not part of the application process and more info on this will be available after participants are accepted into this satellite.


For questions specific to the undergraduate summer program, please email Dr. Georgy Manucharyan (


Alison Gray

Alison Gray

Assistant Professor - UW School of Oceanography
Wu-Jung Lee

Wu-Jung Lee

Senior Oceanographer - UW Applied Physics Laboratory
Emilio Mayorga

Emilio Mayorga

Senior Oceanographer - UW Applied Physics Laboratory
Derya Gumustel

Derya Gumustel

Data Analytics Instructor - General Assembly
Georgy Manucharyan

Georgy Manucharyan

Assistant Professor - UW School of Oceanography