San Diego#



Scripps Institution of Oceanography, San Diego, CA

Format: informal in-person gathering#

Applicants profile: Local Participants#


The San Diego satellite will be held at the Martin Johnson house, otherwise known as T-29. The current headcount for participants is set at 15 with some leeway. There is no financial support for travel, lodging, or meals at this event.

This satellite event will have a focus on application of data science to oceanography and infrastructure for digital oceanographic research, although all participants and ideas are welcome.

  1. We will watch all the tutorials together

  2. Participants can work on projects synchronously with other participants in San Diego or they can asynchronously work on projects with participants of other OHW events (either the global virtual event or other satellites).

  3. We encourage students to communicate with the global virtual event and other satellite events to augment their OHW experience.

If there is specific information you are looking for that will help you make application decisions, please ask them in Github Discussions. Please tag the organizers with @oceanhackweek/ohw22-organizers-southwest and add a OHW22 - Southwest label so that others can find answers about the satellite. Additionally, please feel free to email the event organizer.


Steve Diggs

Steve Diggs

Data Manager - Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Chris Olson

Chris Olson

Data Manager - Scripps Institution of Oceanography