Getting started on tutorials


Tutorials will be run live as Jupyter notebooks on the OceanHackWeek JupyterHub ("The Hub"), in your browser. The instructor and all participants can be running their own copies of the notebooks in their Hub account, with files cloned from the OHW source in GitHub.

Below are instructions for getting the tutorials started on the the Hub in your browser, and updating the tutorials files with the latest version from GitHub.

The schedule of tutorials is available here, and links to tutorial materials and some background resources will be available there as well.

How do I get the tutorial repository into the Hub?

For the tutorials, we recommend the use of nbgitpuller to clone and pull the tutorial repository,, or update the clone you already have. Use this magical nbgitpuller link to accomplish this clone or update.

See this extended discussion for more details about nbgitpuller and the alternative approach relying on git commands and GitHub workflows.