Hacking at OHW21

How will the projects be conducted?

We have put together the Project proposal form that includes a list of questions that walk you through the few things to consider while setting up a project. Feel free to bounce ideas and form groups in the #ohw21_project channel prior to the event, and submit the proposal form when you think you/your team is ready.

On Tuesday August 3 we will have a brief “project setup” session for an overview of all projects already proposed up to that point, and give another opportunity to pitch new ideas that may be formed throughout the day. The deadline to submit project proposals is 3pm PDT / 6pm EDT / 22:00 UTC that day.

Tips for getting started

  • Potentially choose something that you've been interested but haven't had the time or skills to do before, or something you can continue to work on post OceanHackWeek!
  • Hacking is a community activity! It's okay to choose projects that you can't accomplish alone as other people will be there to help you, both at OceanHackWeek and outside of it!
  • Help your group member: you might be the person they need to solve their problem, and vice versa.
  • When discussing, pitch your explanation to the least experienced hacker in the group, and you'll end up better understanding what you're trying to do, or need to revise your idea.
  • You can mix programming languages as needed in order to get started, but do check in with your project mentors and group members to make sure your efforts are straightforward to be absorbed into the project.

See projects from previous years:

The links below lead to project lists from past OceanHackWeek events, including links to GitHub repositories and video presentations.

Creating a GitHub repository for your project

Once a project moves forward, please create a GitHub repository for the project in the OceanHackWeek GitHub organization https://github.com/oceanhackweek/, following this format for project name: ohw21-proj-myprojectname (you can change the name later), where myprojectname is a brief name for your project. Go to the Git steps and workflows section on the Git page in this web site for detailed instructions on how to create the repository and collaborate with project team members using git and GitHub.