Getting Help

We know how overwhelming all of this information can be. Here are some tips for asking questions and figuring out where to turn for help.

You can ask anything on the Slack #ohw21-general channel, any time. Organizers and helpers are monitoring this channel, and some of your fellow hackweek participants may be able to help you! Also, feel free to send a direct message on Slack to any of the organizers or helpers.


We've set up the #ohw21-helpdesk Slack channel to ask technical questions (or other types of questions, if you'd like). We've also set up some helpdesk Slack user groups that you can use to tag your question as, say, about Python. These groups are listed and described below. You are also welcome to direct message the helpers if you don't feel comfortable asking questions publicly.

Type one of the handles below along with your question in a Slack message to tag the folks that can help you.

  • @help-infrastructure: For help with logistical items. Members include Alex Kerney, Filipe Fernandes, and Paige Martin.
  • @help-python: For help with all things Python related. Members include Alex Kerney, Derya Gumustel, Emilio Mayorga, and Wu-Jung Lee.
  • @help-r: For help with all things R related. Members include Nick Record, Rene Francolini, and Ben Tupper.

You can view user groups and members on Slack by clicking on 'More' near the top of the Slack navigation menu, and then selecting 'People & user groups' and navigating to the 'User groups' tab; the keyboard shortcut to get to the 'People & user groups' page from any channel is Ctrl+Shift+E.

During tutorials

  • Ask questions on Slack! Use the #ohw21-tutorials channel to ask questions or check out answers to questions others have posed. We will use this same channel every day. Several of us will be monitoring this channel and addressing your questions throughout the tutorials
  • Vote up questions from others to help the moderators prioritize which questions to ask the speaker during tutorials.
  • Tutorial moderators will mark questions that are best answered by the instructor and ask helpers (and anyone else!) to answer the rest in real time. Then when the instructor ask if there are questions the moderators will read those reserved for the instructor.
  • Zoom Chat will not be available. Ask on Slack!
  • You will be muted at the start of the tutorial presentation. The moderator will review questions on Slack and ask the questions to the instructor during Q&A time.


See the Projects Getting Started page. Feel free to post a question on the #ohw21_project channel, too.

Reporting a Code of Conduct violation

Harassment and other Code of Conduct violations reduce the value of OceanHackWeek for everyone. If someone makes you or anyone else feel unsafe or unwelcome, please report it as soon as possible to one of the instructors. You can make a report either personally or anonymously. Anonymous reports can be made here.