Tutorial Helpers#

Tutorial moderators#

  • Make sure to follow Code of Conduct in interacting on Slack

  • Ask tutorial presenter ahead of time if:

    • they would like to answer questions throughout the tutorial, or hold questions until the end

    • they would like the moderator to ask the questions from Slack, or read the questions on Slack themselves

  • Remind participants to add questions to the tutorials Slack channel and to upvote questions they want answered

  • Introduce the tutorial and tutorial presenter

  • Ask questions (if requested by the presenter) that have the most +1 reactions

  • Add a ✅ to Q&A questions answered on Slack

  • Add a 🔥 to burning Q&A questions that should be answered by presenter (not needed if moderator reads out questions for the presenter)

  • Keep track of time and end session on time

Tutorial helpers (i.e. other organizers/mentors on the Zoom call available to help)#

  • Make sure to follow Code of Conduct when interacting on Slack

  • Help answer questions if you can

  • Upvote (add +1 emoji) questions you think are important

  • If questions pop up in other channels unrelated to the tutorials, please answer if you can or ping the appropriate team

  • If there are answers at the end of the tutorial that did not get answered, please ping the appropriate team