Information for Applicants

In Oceanhackweek we will explore the intersection of data science and oceanography through tutorials and hands-on “hacking” projects. In tutorials, we will learn data science tools, cloud computing, visualization, and a suite of software assets to interact with data sets of complex temporal-spatial structures or high volume. In project sessions, we will immediately put these skills to use by implementing research, computation, or visualization ideas in a group setting. To best benefit from the program, participant are expected to have some experience with Python programming and data analysis.

If you are ready to apply, please use the application form


Q: I am an undergrad / first year grad / faculty / etc. Is this program right for me?

We welcome participants from all career stages. We strongly encourage applications from graduate students, postdocs and early career researchers. There are different ways to contribute to the event: by pitching a project, by your knowledge of data sets, by your computational skills, by your project management skills. We want you to grow/learn during the event! We expect all participants to be engaged in the team projects and focus during the week. If in doubt, simply apply and explain your motivation for participation.

Q: I am proficient in Matlab / R / other languages but have not used Python. It has been on my list to learn. How can I make my application stronger?

We want to build an inclusive Oceanography community regardless of people’s language of choice and programming level. Since the event is only one week long, the tutorials will be presented in one language (Python), and participants will benefit the most if they have basic familiarity with this language. We expect that you have gone through the Software Carpentry Python tutorial to get familiar with the syntax in advance of the program. The more experience you can obtain before the beginning of the program, the easier it will be to follow the tutorials and contribute to the projects.

Q: I do not have any programming experience. Is the program a good opportunity to get started?

We believe that Oceanhackweek participants will benefit the most with some prior programming experience, and might not find the hackweek the best place to learn programming. If you do not have any programming experience we encourage you to start with some local or online training. Check if your institution runs a Software Carpentry workshop, or try learning by going through the Python Novice Lesson.

Once you have gone through some training you will have a better understanding of whether Oceanhackweek is right for you. We expect that you have basic operational knowledge of Python in advance of the program.

Q: Do I have to be a stellar Python programmer to be accepted?

No, we aim to bring in motivated participants with a range of programming skills levels, but we do require basic familiarity with Python (see above) so that you will be able to learn and have fun in the tutorials and hack project time!

Q: I already know a lot of what you plan to cover, should I apply / will I be bored?

Oceanhackweek is not only a place to learn new skills but also a place to share expertise and build a community together. If you are already an expert but are interested in sharing and helping others, we welcome you to pitch project ideas, contribute to hacking, and assist other participants during the tutorials by being a teaching assistant! Please mention this in the application. Send us an email if you have any questions!

Q: I have strong computational skills but have not worked in oceanography?

To ensure that participants will be interested in the oceanography problems they are solving and can give back to the field later on, we require that participants have had at least some familiarity or prior experience with oceanography data.

Q: I work in an ocean engineering/robotics/consulting company. Can I apply?

Make sure to explain your motivation for participation in the application form! We expect participants from the private sector to pay for their own expenses. We will hold a career panel discussion, so please mention if you are interested in participating.

Q: I work in a non-US institution / organization / company. Can I apply?

Yes, we welcome applications from abroad. However please note that we are constrained by the amount of funding we could provide for people who travel internationally.

Q: I was a participant in Oceanhackweek last year. Can I apply to again?

Yes, we welcome applications from previous participants, but priority will be given to new applicants. If you are interested in being a TA (teaching assistant) during the hackweek, please mention that in the application.