Oceanhackweek is a 5-day learning hackathon aimed at exploring, creating and promoting effective computation and analysis workflows for large and complex oceanographic data. By democratizing data access and increasing exposure to technological assets, our goals are to accelerate research, promote collaboration and cultivate data science literacy among the ocean sciences community.

See the previously held Oceanhackweek 2018 | Learn about "hackweek".

Information for Applicants

In the Oceanhackweek we will explore the intersection of data science and oceanography through tutorials and hands-on “hacking” projects. To best benefit from the program, participants are expected to have some experience with Python programming and data analysis.

2018 Participant Quotes

"The workshop provided an excellent introduction to the existing infrastructure of oceanographic data-gathering resources. Also provided was an introduction to the open-source evolving tools for accessing and utilizing large data sets. The technical challenges in data-intensive research are daunting, and here this workshop’s model and enactment of collaborative work was particularly valuable to me." ~ Rachel Jackson, San Francisco State University

"I am grateful to have attended Oceanhackweek, and to have been given the opportunity to expand my skill set in such a productive and pleasant environment. I live in Fairbanks, AK, where we are rather isolated and aren't naturally exposed to new tools or methods. [...] Oceanhackweek gave me that time, introduced me to possibilities via the tutorials, and through the projects produced a technical structure that I can apply to our research in Alaska." ~ Liz Dobbins, University of Alaska, Fairbanks

"It is sometimes hard to predict whether a given conference, training or hack-a-thon might be worth your time. [...] The real challenge, of course, is to find a group of like minded people that want to expand their horizons and learn together, and that is just what I found when I attended Ocean Hackweek." ~ Christian Saranson

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