Welcome to our fancy mooring page#

This was stolen!

This moorings page was created (well, it was copied and modified from the OHW website) during OceanHackWeek 2023 in Seattle, August 7 - 11.

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Project Description#

Download and display mooring data on a github pages website.


  • Seth Travis

  • Lu Guan

  • Samantha Huntington

  • Andrea Hilborn

  • Hafeez Opeyemi Oladejo

  • Tobias Ferreira

  • Veronica Martinez

  • Johnathan Evanilla

  • Halley McVeigh

  • Hameed Ajibade

  • Christian Sarason

  • Danilo Silva


  • Access mooring data (such as temperature, salinity, oxygen, etc.) from the Vancouver Island and Puget Sound region

  • Visualize the data using multiple interactive plotting tools like Streamlit, Holovis, and Plotly

  • Build a webpage to host the plots to highlight what data exists in this region

Participant Quotes

I can’t wait to take my surfing to the next level using this site!

—Johnathan, 2023

What light from yonder window breaks?

—Romeo, 1634 (or something)