Hacking at OHW20

How will the projects be conducted?

Different from previous years, OHW20 is a lighter-weight event in respect of everyone's time constraints and additional responsibilities due to COVID impacts. The hack projects will therefore be primarily proposed and mentored by OHW organizers, rather than from brainstorming and spontaneous group formation in previous in-person events.

OHW20 organizers have put together a list of 12 projects: Descriptions of all mentored projects. On Monday (August 10) we will have a brief “project pitch” session for an overview of all projects, but feel free to sign up on this google spreadsheet beforehand and/or ask questions in #general or in each specific Slack project channel.

You are welcome to gather a group to work on other project ideas, but due to time constraints we will not be able to provide dedicated support for these projects. You’re however welcome to ask questions via Slack helpdesk channels.

Tips for getting started

  • Potentially choose something that you've been interested but haven't had the time or skills to do before, or something you can continue to work on post OceanHackWeek!
  • Hacking is a community activity! It's okay to choose projects that you can't accomplish alone as other people will be there to help you, both at OceanHackWeek and outside of it!
  • Help your group member: you might be the person they need to solve their problem, and vice versa.
  • When discussing, pitch your explanation to the least experienced hacker in the group, and you'll end up better understanding what you're trying to do, or need to revise your idea.
  • You can mix programming languages as needed in order to get started, but do check in with your project mentors and group members to make sure your efforts are straightforward to be absorbed into the project.